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Montgomery voters back school tax renewal, secure $12m annually for education

To demonstrate civic engagement, Montgomery voters overwhelmingly supported The $3.5 million school tax renewal was a decision that underscores the community's unwavering commitment to improving local education. Securing a critical funding source for the next 30 years, this tax update will inject approximately $11 million annually into Montgomery Public Schools and benefit Pike Road School with an additional $1 million.

Montgomery Mayor Stephen L. Reed, an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative and a parent of public school students, expressed gratitude and optimism after the vote. “Our community's yes vote is a great affirmation of our collective belief in the power of quality education,” Mayor Reed said. “While this renovation is a step in the right direction, our journey toward excellence in education is not over yet. I want to improve.”

Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Melvin Brown echoed Mayor Reed's sentiments, acknowledging that taxes play an important role in stabilizing school district operations. “The passage of the 3.5 County Tax Ordinance is a victory for our children and a testament to Montgomery County’s dedication to our children’s future,” Dr. Brown said. He thanked a wide range of stakeholders, including county commissioners, city staff, educators, parents and community supporters, for their unwavering advocacy and support.

At Pike Road, Mayor Gordon Stone also celebrated this positive outcome and highlighted the far-reaching impact of this collective investment in education. “Our residents' support transcends municipal boundaries and strengthens our shared commitment to fostering the potential of all Montgomery County students,” said Mayor Stone. “This continued funding is not just an investment in our schools, it is an investment in the very fabric of our communities, providing significant benefits in the form of well-educated and empowered future generations. I promise you a huge profit.”

Approval of this tax update averts the fear of austerity that loomed over the school district and ensures that Montgomery and Pike Road schools can continue to provide high-quality education without the threat of budget constraints. With a new mandate from voters, Montgomery County's educational institutions are poised to continue their pursuit of excellence, fueled by community affirmation of their valuable role in developing tomorrow's leaders.

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