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More Than 2 Million Scientific Papers Mysteriously Wiped From Web

A study published in 2024 detailed how millions of scientific papers disappeared from the internet due to mismanagement of online databases.

Researchers analyzed more than 7 million digital publications and found that the industry has not kept up with the rate of growth in scientific data output. according to For research published in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. “Our entire epistemology of science and research relies on a series of footnotes,” says study author Martin Eve. Said Nature. “If you can't confirm what someone else has said at some other time, you're blindly believing in an artifact that you can no longer read yourself.”

Eve conducted a study by randomly selecting up to 1,000 digital object identifiers (DOIs, numbers and symbols used as a unique fingerprint for each study or publication) and found that 28% of works were I found out that it is not listed in the archive. Active DOI. “Many people have this blind assumption that if you have a DOI, it's going to be there forever,” academic publishing expert Mikael Laakso told Nature. “But that doesn't mean the link will always work.”

This is a major problem for the consistency and veracity of academic research. “While we all think about the immediate benefits of publishing a paper somewhere, we should actually be thinking about the long-term sustainability of the research ecosystem,” Eve points out. “A hundred years after you die, will people have access to what you worked on?” (Related: New coronavirus infection (COVID-19) mutant strain with 100% fatality rate developed in China)

It may seem like we don't need old research, especially considering how rapidly our understanding of almost every subject is evolving, but it actually is. If we don't understand historical trends in human thinking, research, and application, we won't be able to alleviate the stupid cycles that limit our ability to solve real-world problems.

Eve's research suggested several avenues for more meaningfully archiving data online. However, storing knowledge only online is extremely dangerous. What would happen if there was a power outage across the world as a result of some abnormal event, attack or natural disaster? We lose everything and have to start from scratch to understand everything scientifically… again.

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