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MSNBC Compares Nikki Haley’s Campaign To ‘Dancing On The Deck Of The Titanic’

An MSNBC reporter compared Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's campaign to “dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”

MSNBC correspondent Ali Vitali said that despite the former South Carolina governor losing several times in the race for the Republican nomination against former President Donald Trump, the atmosphere at Haley's campaign headquarters is “ He said he was “joyful.”

“In fact, when you think about how jubilant the atmosphere is here, you feel like you're dancing on the deck of the Titanic,” Vitali told MSNBC anchors covering Super Tuesday.

Vitali explained that Haley does not plan to make any remarks on Super Tuesday night or make any commitments in the foreseeable future. (Related: Super Tuesday voters tell NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster that Nikki Haley 'doesn't have a scratching ball')

“There will be no more public appearances by Nikki Haley or the Haley campaign. She did a little press briefing this morning. That's fine, but we don't expect her to make any official campaign appearances.” I have no expectations,” Vitali said.

“Of course, that brings up all the questions that really loom over this night, which is what will happen to Nikki Haley after Super Tuesday? Is there a world where she'll be staying in Georgia until next week? ” Vitali asked. “Yeah, I see that world. Or is there something where she says, I gave enough voters an alternative, they voted on Super Tuesday, so I'm withdrawing from this race.” ? I can see it happening to me too.”

Haley was asked on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning whether she would honor her previous commitment to the Republican National Committee and support the Republican nominee, likely to be Trump. doubled. Haley plans to remain in the presidential race at least until the Super Tuesday election, the Associated Press reported.

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