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Multiple Texas GOP Incumbents Lose Primaries As Voters Punish Opponents Of School Choice

In Texas, efforts to oust school choice opponents from the state Legislature intensified, with multiple Republicans losing their primary elections.

Nine incumbents were defeated in the Texas Republican primary election held on Tuesday, leaving eight candidates in a runoff. texas newsroom. Eleven other incumbent members chose not to run for re-election.

Six incumbent members of the school choice opposition group challenged by the American Federation for Children (AFC) Victory Fund lost their elections, and four more were forced into a runoff. ” wrote school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis on Twitter. (Related: Red state legislature rejects school choice proposal, removes from education bill)

The Texas House of Representatives voted to remove school choice from the education bill in November 2023, according to a statement from the Legislature. Website. According to the paper, 21 Republicans joined Democrats in removing the idea from the bill.

According to the president of AFC Victory Fund, AFC Victory Fund targeted 13 current players. tommy schultz.

AFC Victory Fund released A statement celebrating “the biggest political change to school choice in Texas.”

“The results are clear: Texans want school choice,” the statement read.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton also approved School Choice candidates, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Texans are one step closer to empowering every family in Texas,” Abbott said in a statement, which was shared on Twitter by The Texan's Brad Johnson. “Republican primary voters once again sent an unmistakable message that parents have the freedom to choose the educational path that is best for their children.”

“This election was a disaster and mandated school choice in Texas,” DeAngelis told the Daily Caller. “In all of these races, school choice has been a major dividing point. It has already sent shock waves across the country, and the message is clear: Educational freedom is a political winner and a litmus test for the Republican Party.” ”

AFC told the Daily Caller that preparations for the runoff election are “not yet complete.”

“We continue to ensure that voters have a clear understanding of which candidates support union-controlled special interests and which candidates represent the interests of Texas students and families,” Schultz said. I'm going,'' he said.

Valeria Garr, a senior fellow at AFC, told the Daily Caller that these election results prove that “voters are focused on candidates who support education, not the status quo,” and that “school choice “It's important for families who are waiting.”

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