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Multiple Witnesses Claim UFO Intercepted, Disabled Nuclear Missile In Mid-Air Over US

A post shared on Saturday detailed a completely bizarre event that occurred in California in 1964 and involved nuclear missiles, the US Air Force, and UFOs.

Two former U.S. Air Force officers, Lt. Bob Jacobs and Maj. Florenze Mansmann, who were stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB) in 1964, recently Said In a post on UFO Chronicles, author Robert Hastings claimed his team accidentally witnessed and photographed the strange UFO encounter. The pair reportedly only intended to film a missile test launch, but they allegedly captured images of a disc-shaped object.

Hastings said the UFO, which was partially dome-shaped, circled around a dummy nuclear missile and then emitted four flashes, which police said disable the missile with a beam of light. Footage of the supposed events was reportedly shown to a small number of people, including two CIA officials. It was then quickly classified and stored in a warehouse somewhere in the “back east,” Hastings added.

The film, called “Big Sur UFO,” was recently shown to Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon UFO investigator, and appears to have been tipped off to Hastings by an anonymous U.S. Senate aide. He claims an anonymous U.S. Senate investigator showed it to Elizondo while he was still working for the federal government.

Sources said that after analyzing the missile's radar data, it was clear that it was not a UFO, something Hastings confirmed. According to analysis, there is a good chance that the pieces were fragments of a test substance used by the military at the time. (Related article: Countries scramble to launch military planes after UFOs seen floating above airports “disappear”)

There's another big problem with this story. It's the total lack of physical evidence. Both officers' stories are interesting, but that's about it. Interesting story. And they contain all the usual characters. At this point, Elizondo is basically the godfather of all things UFO.

Hastings also claimed that so-called UFO whistleblower David Grusch “privately confirmed that Elizondo also said: he For showing the Big Sur movie and that it certainly captured an amazing UFO-related dummy warhead interference incident. ” But even this, he added, came from another anonymous source, not Grusch or Elizondo themselves.

Unless an actual “Big Sur UFO” movie is released, this feels like just another attention grab by the UFO mafia. And it's getting kind of stale.

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