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Mushroom ‘Barbie’ Hoax Is The Kind Of Chaos We All Need Right Now

Even if the “Barbie” movie wasn’t all that strange to you, the hoax perpetrated by a gang of anti-plastic people on Tuesday is stranger than fiction to those of us who weren’t involved.

As journalists around the world woke up on the morning of August 1st, announcement Probably from Mattel. All new Barbie dolls will be made with mushroom products instead of plastic and will look like the monsters from The Last of Us. The idiots who don’t understand how climate change works were clearly overjoyed at the news. Barbie can die just like us!

There was also video Released about this work featuring Daryl Hannah. I’m not going to let you see it. It’s the weekend and I don’t want to write about the apocalypse at party time.

Ecowarriors unknowingly banded together to defend Mattel’s ultra-progressive ideas. The only problem is that it was all a hoax. If you ask anyone who was tricked by it, they will die laughing. (Related: Who’s the alpha blonde dragging this climate protester by the hair?)

people magazine and Washington Times Both reported the announcement as if it were true. But what really surprised me was MarketWatch. Now you guys are doing real journalism (unlike what I mostly write about). You know that you should always call all your sources.

What I love about this whole situation is that the “Barbie” movies are definitely the closest thing I’ve seen to a journey of acid and mushrooms. So the fact that these pranksters came up with this hoax is just too complete for me. Sometimes we all have to go through something stranger than fiction that isn’t just the state of world politics.

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