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‘Must’ve Got Paid Good Today’: Steelers Blast Refs After Horrendous Call With Diontae Johnson Implying NFL Is Rigged

I understand your pain, Steeler Nation. I understand your pain.

It seems like every week in the NFL there is some sort of scandalous shenanigans between referees. The most recent incident coming into Week 8 was our Miami Dolphins being screwed over by the Philadelphia Relief Eagles – remember how horrible the playoffs were last year against the Zebras? Were you together?

Well, the same thing happened again on Sunday. Because the Pittsburgh Steelers (the entire team) felt like the referees were completely against them.This time it was after the kicker. chris boswell guess 55 yard field goal Black & Yellow’s lead narrowed to 9-6 heading into halftime. Matchup against Jacksonville Jaguars …However, it was canceled after a phantom offside ruling.

When the flag was thrown, everyone initially thought referee Alan Eck would call the defender offside, but instead the referee knocked out the Pittsburgh right guard. Isaac Seumalo For a penalty that completely confused everyone.

Check the view for yourself.

Well, I don’t know, and neither does Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Semarom, who was charged with a ghost penalty, had some hilarious and clever comments on the matter.

Kicker Boswell also expressed doubts on social media.

But the most exciting outburst for the referees came from the wide receiver. Diontae Johnsonhinted that the NFL rigged the game (although you could honestly argue he said it outright). (Related: Titans find franchise QB while wearing straight swagoo who needs to be a full-time uni immediately)

“I didn’t like the referees today. They must have been paid better today,” Johnson said. “The match was ruined because of the referees. They wanted it. [the Jaguars] To win. “

Another week, another match-fixing by the NFL.

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