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‘My Ancestors Would Have Rolled Over In Their Graves’: Anheuser-Busch Heir Blasts Dylan Mulvaney Ad

The heiress to Anheuser-Busch’s fortune opposed the company’s decision to partner with transgender activist and social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, arguing that it would not have suited his ancestors.

Anheuser-Busch (AB) heiress Billy Bush told TMZ Live that the company they founded had gotten lost in divisive politics by featuring transgender activists on their shows. If so, his ancestors would have been “rolling around in the grave,” he told TMZ Live. beer cans.

“They were very patriotic, they loved this country and what it stood for. They loved this country because it was a free country and people were allowed to do what they wanted, but it was never put on a beer can, it was put in people’s faces. It wasn’t something that could be done,” Bush said.

Bush praised AB’s marketing efforts to date, citing in particular its relationship with the Clydesdale family, calling AB “one of the greatest marketers in any industry.” “What they don’t want is to be as controversial as it was with Dylan Mulvaney,” he continued.

As for the “earthquake” backlash AB has faced since the Mulvaney incident, Mr. Bush conceded that it was not surprising given the particular demographic of beer lovers. He said they are typically average, hard-working men and women who don’t like to have agendas pushed to them, especially when it comes to the drinks they consume. “They want their beer to be truly American and truly patriotic.”

But in an interview, Bush failed to explain how AB’s past sponsorship of rainbow cans commemorating Pride events and Pride Month was different from its support of special cans featuring Dylan Mulvaney. . Bush denied the TMZ Live host’s claim that bigotry was at the heart of the backlash. “Prejudice against Jews and blacks…I think it’s a whole other story,” he insisted. (Related: Most Americans want companies to stop promoting Pride Month, think LGBT ideology is harmful to children: poll)

Bud Light’s sales have plummeted since the influencer first unveiled a can with Mulvaney’s portrait on April 1. The July 22 report showed a 26.8% decline. Bud Light’s continued market slump has proven to be an advantage for other brands, with Modelo Especial, America’s second-largest beer, taking the top spot as early as August. ready to take over, industry experts claim.

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