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My Fantasy Council

Tommy Acosta

SEDONA, Ariz. — As Election Day rapidly approaches in Sedona and I find myself caught up in a frenzied campaign for a city council seat, I ask myself what kind of government I envision and most want.

First of all, I would like to create a city council made up of people of various age groups, not just old people like us in our 70s.

Having a few young people on the council would bring fresh ideas. Having diversity on the council would be a positive.

I want the Council to be extremely pro-business and do everything in its power to ensure that new businesses can thrive and old ones can thrive.

The same goes for accommodations: Sedona can never have too many hotels and resorts.

I want a Council that will work with the Chamber of Commerce to promote our beautiful city around the world.

I want Sedona to be a mecca for people from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the land we live in.

I would like to see the City Council start respecting the arts.

I want a council that cares about working homeless people, that acts proactively for workforce housing in our community, and that embraces creative solutions like cultural parks.

I would like to see a Congress that respects the constitutional rights of homeowners and does not ban short-term rentals, but rather finds ways to mitigate the impacts while educating those who rent out their homes or parts of their homes to others.

My advice would be to allow ATVs and work with owners and operators to educate people who use ATVs to use them in a safe manner, rather than disrupting ATV businesses.

I want a council that listens to its residents but isn’t driven by fear of not being re-elected, isn’t swayed by a vocal group of local residents and isn’t afraid to make decisions that move forward in a way that benefits the community in every way.

I want a Council that looks to the future and anticipates the challenges that lie before us.

I want a council that recognizes Sedona the way I do – essentially as the center of the spiritual and healing community of the Earth.

I want a Congress that is courageous enough to stand up to NYMBY.

Compassionate, compassionate, kind, loving, caring, patient, inclusive, creative, positive thinking – these are the words I would like this Council to embrace.

And finally, I believe that the Council love They love Sedona and protect it with all their hearts and souls.

Healing Po

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