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Naked Man Holding Trans BLM LGBTQ+ Flag Casually Strolls Down City Street

A video shows a naked man waving a rainbow flag as cars pass by on a street in Seattle, Washington.

The unidentified man appeared to be unaware of his surroundings and was casually walking through the crowd, with cars seemingly waiting for him or passing him. videoKTTH Radio host Jason Lantz shared on Twitter on Saturday under the caption “Seattle is thriving.”

According to reports, the incident appears to have occurred in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood. another video By journalist Andy Go. The video showed what appeared to be the same person lying in the middle of the road, wearing a national flag and an unfurled eagle, blocking vehicle traffic.

“And this is why my kids won't set foot in this city! It used to be a fun place to go down and explore, but now it's not a safe place for families,” a user said. reacted to the video.

“Exposing the little things in Seattle” answered another.

“So many beautiful cities of our great country have been destroyed… very sad,” said another. Said.

another I wondered Why was the law against forced indecency not enforced?

user seemed to be hinting That the person is experiencing a mental health crisis. (Related: Video shows group of parents punching naked man at department store)

It is unclear whether the person was homeless or unsheltered. From 2021 to 2022, first-time homelessness will jump by 25% nationwide. according to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). By 2023, a record 653,100-plus people will experience homelessness on any given night in 2023, an increase of 12% (approximately 70,650 people) from 2022, HUD says. It is being announced. said.

Washington is one of the five states with the largest increase in homelessness. HUD data.

A group of naked men rode bicycles through some Seattle streets as part of Seattle's LGBTQ+ Pride Parade. in front of the children According to multiple reports, in June last year. An “all-ages” parade to “challenge body shame, foster self-esteem” and build “pride in every body” drew criticism for crossing the line for some. . according to Washington Times.

“[T]He is a member of the Seattle Police Department [SPD] “For this particular event, the purpose is to ensure the safety and security of the event as a whole and not to regulate activities that are better left to the parade organizers and permitting process,” SPD said. reportedly said in a statement Contact fact-checking website Snopes about this event.

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