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NASA Has The Right Idea On What To Do With Pride Flags

NASA knows what to do with the Pride flag: They send the whole thing into space.

Thankfully, Unholy June is over, but that didn't stop the buffoons who run America's space program from causing one last fuss.

As June drew to a close, the director of NASA's Johnson Space Center posted a tweet celebrating a special Pride flag: Forget the American flag that Buzz Aldrin planted on the moon, the first Pride flag to enter Earth's orbit is now on display for pagan worship.

Yes, the idiots at NASA really did send a Pride flag into space. Very cool, very brave, very “powerful symbol”. I guess they wanted the aliens to know how sexually liberated they are. The bathhouse was getting a bit boring. Just a human being. Unfortunately, maybe some superior alien will see the Pride flag and decide to wipe us all out.

This is certainly a big step forward, but not for the reasons they think. We have the know-how. We have the capability. It is clear what we must do. Pride flags have been the scourge of humanity for too long. It is time to send them all into space… and we can only hope that no one sees our shame.

If only there was space for a parade…


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