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NBA Star Fined More For Calling Referees Cheaters Than Draymond Green Was For Literally Choking Another Player

The NBA has fined the Minnesota Timberwolves guard $40,000 following comments by Anthony Edwards in which he called the referee a “sloppy referee” after Wednesday night's game.

After the team defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night, Edwards was completely removed from officiating. “Obviously the referees didn't make a no-call tonight,” Edwards said after the game. “We had to play through every bump, every grab. I don't know how we won tonight.”

Edwards showed no remorse after the NBA fined him. “I don't care about that, damn it, I just had to say it. Like I said, I'll take the fine, it's fine.”

Asked why the NBA added an extra $15,000 to the standard $25,000 fine for criticizing officials, Edwards said: “Probably because I said they were cheating.” I answered.

This is in contrast to Draymond Green $25,000 fine He was accused of severely assaulting Rudy Gobert of the Timberwolves in November.

This great discrepancy can only be explained by one thing. The NBA is disappointed that Ant discovered that referees were actually cheating. (Related article: 'Disgust' and 'immaturity': Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch is torn on his own team after loss to Hornets)

please think about it. The NBA is the only major American sports league with referees on record admitting to match-fixing.

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy declared In 2008, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role in a now widely known match-fixing scandal. scandal.

I'm not saying that the referees Edwards had issues with were definitely colluding against him… but the hefty fine is a sign that the NBA really doesn't want the consequences of their misconduct to come out in the slightest. I believe that this is an expression of. I think you protest the NBA too much.

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