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NBA Star Joel Embiid’s MVP Chances All But Vanish After 76ers Announce Major Surgery

Philadelphia 76ers star center Joel Embiid will be out for an “extended period” after deciding to undergo surgery for a torn meniscus, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported.

The injury likely prevents him from winning the NBA MVP award again, having been the favorite for most of this year until it was reported on Wednesday that he suffered a torn left meniscus.

To make it easier for teams to rest their big stars, the NBA new rules This year required players to log at least 65 games to qualify for major awards.

Embiid has already missed 14 of Philadelphia's 48 games, but he can still miss three more games and still be eligible for MVP. If Wojnarowski's “extension” prediction is correct, Joel could kiss back-to-back winners goodbye. (Related article: 76ers' Joel Embiid fined $35,000 after D-Gen X celebration)

This situation calls into question the new policy, as Embiid has been a force on the court, leading the league in points with 35.3 points per game, along with an impressive 11.9 rebounds and 5.7 assists.

The new favorite for the award, Nikola Jokic, is a worthy candidate as he averages a near triple-double. statistical linewhat if there were no more suitable candidates?

Should we just give an award to the second best player every time a player only plays 64 games? I'm not sure how I feel about this. After all, the best availability is availability. And at the end of the day, Embiid's job is to get his team to the Finals and win, not to be the best player of the regular season in a stat box. But at the same time, many players take advantage of the bonuses that come with prizes to seal the deal.

Either way, thoughts must go to the big man who reportedly battled knee issues all year and put his team in a strong position for a Finals appearance. I hope to see him on the court again this year.

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