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Newly Surfaced Video Shows Man Allegedly Dragging Woman’s Body In Sleeping Bag

Newly released video shows a man allegedly dragging a woman's body, placed in a sleeping bag, through the streets of New York City, the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

Chad Irish, a 55-year-old ex-convict, was charged with second-degree murder after the body of 31-year-old Yazmin Williams was discovered on a Manhattan sidewalk. Williams had been fatally shot in the back of the head and her body had been dumped next to a pile of trash. according to According to the New York Post, newly discovered security camera footage shows Eilish, who is wheelchair bound, using her motorized wheelchair to transport Williams' body, which was placed in a sleeping bag, on a dolly.

of picture The media outlet said the footage shows Eilish wrestling with the cart along the sidewalk, stopping to adjust a sleeping bag and trash bags attached to the cart. NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenney suggested the surveillance footage was a deciding factor in Eilish's arrest. Eilish also faces charges of unlawful possession of a weapon and concealing a body.

According to the New York Post, when Eilish was transported from a Manhattan police station, she appeared confused and disoriented and was unable to give coherent answers to reporters' questions about the incident. Residents of the NYCHA building where Eilish lived expressed suspicion and conflict over the suspect.

One resident, Antown Fraser, described how she confronted Eilish, who initially insisted the contents of the bag were just trash. “I asked her what she did to that little girl,” Fraser told the New York Post. “I asked her what was in the bag. Eilish said it was trash, dirty clothes that had to be thrown out.” (Related article: 83-year-old man jailed twice for two murders charged again after police find head in apartment)

According to the New York Post, other residents described Eilish as a drug addict who could actually walk, despite being in a wheelchair. Eilish's criminal record includes 21 arrests and he has a twin brother with a criminal record.

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