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News Flash • Board of Supervisors Approves Proclamation Desi

At the February 6, 2024 Coconino County Board of Supervisors (Board) meeting, the Board unanimously approved an official proclamation designating February 2024 as Black History Month in Coconino County.

…participate in the national celebration and recognition of the history of the African Diaspora and African Americans who continue to contribute to the achievements of the United States.

By designating February as Black History Month, the Board honors those who helped build our country and the courage of those who continue to fight for freedom, confront prejudice, and advance the cause of civil rights. , resilience, and commitment to remembering the teachings. , and strengthen families and communities.

“African-Americans are a part of not only American society, but also the county's local communities, including those who immigrated here for jobs in the lumber industry and helped develop towns like Flagstaff into modern communities. I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize my significant contribution to history as well,” Geronimo said. Vasquez Chairman and District 2 Superintendent. “It is so important that we take this time to recognize the diversity of our county and continue to learn about all parts of our history.”

The tradition of honoring African American history in February dates back to 1926. Association for the Study of African American Life and History Sponsored National Black History Week. The second week of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, and was officially designated Black History Month in 1976.

in Coconino County to encourage local youth to learn about African American history and practice creative expression. African Diaspora Advisory Committee offers an essay and art contest for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Entries are themed “African Americans and the Arts” and are due by Sunday, February 25th.

in coconino county African Diaspora Advisory Committee Established in 2001 by the Board of Directors, it serves as a liaison and communication link between Coconino County's African American community and local government. Council meetings are held on Zoom on the second Wednesday of each month. Agenda and links to stream monthly public meetings can be found at

The full text of the 2024 Declaration can be found here.

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