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News Flash • Maricopa County Expands Access to Assistance Wi

For the first time, residents needing assistance through the Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) can now quickly determine which programs qualify for them through an updated client portal. From early education to career services, rental assistance to home improvement assistance, the revamped portal offers expanded 24/7 pre-screening for HSD programs and is now available in both English and Spanish. It is now possible.

Video: Vice Chairman Thomas Galvin on HSD's Client Portal

“The Client Portal is an essential part of our focus on maximizing the potential inherent in all people so that Maricopa County families and communities can thrive,” said Human Services Director Jacqueline Edwards. says Mr. “Through his client portal since its launch in March 2021, more than 180,000 program applications have been submitted by more than 73,000 individuals, totaling over $200 million in services provided to qualified applicants. Masu.”

Client portals, accessible from your computer or mobile phone, play an important role in promoting equity and inclusion by ensuring all community members have access to the resources and tools they need to succeed. will be fulfilled.

The portal now offers:

  • Apply to Head Start, an early education program for children from birth to age 5.
  • Ability to apply for assistance in Spanish.and
  • Streamlined application process.

The portal application process allows you to quickly determine eligibility for supported programs. This process takes place in her three steps:

  1. Please visit our client portal at:
  2. Click Pre-Application Screen to begin the application process and determine if basic eligibility requirements are met for all available assistance.
  3. Those who meet basic eligibility criteria will be invited to create an account and complete an online application.

The Client Portal removes barriers and expands access to assistance that connects families and individuals in Maricopa County to the programs and services they need to reach their full potential.

For a complete list of available services and other ways to apply, visit or call 602-506-0589. To begin the online application process, please visit:

About Maricopa County Human Services

The Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) promotes the well-being of county residents in the face of adversity through a variety of programs and services that build community resiliency and help people and families thrive. These opportunities include early childhood education, housing, homeownership, independent living services for seniors and adults with disabilities, career development for job seekers with barriers to employment, crisis rentals, utility assistance, and people experiencing homelessness. This includes support for people. HSD is committed to providing innovative, equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive services in a collaborative approach that upholds dignity, promotes respect, and promotes social and economic mobility. To learn more about financial, educational and support resources available to Maricopa County residents, visit

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