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News Flash • MCACC holds Mission Microchip event to provide

To help keep pets safe, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) is announcing its “Mission Microchipping” event, offering free microchipping services through the end of the year.

MCACC will be accepting appointments daily, seven days a week. Currently, the free service is only available at the west side shelter, but will be accepting appointments at the new east side shelter in the summer. Pre-registration is required. MCACC hopes that all dog owners in Maricopa County will take advantage of this free service.

Studies show that more than 5 million animals are taken into shelters nationwide each year. Of the animals in shelters, 40-60 percent are lost pets. Unfortunately, one in three pets will go missing at some point, and sometimes it's through no fault of the owner. Even the best-behaved dogs can suddenly get lost or run away. Microchipping dogs not only greatly increases the chances that lost dogs will be reunited with their owners, it can also help alleviate the overcrowding issues facing shelters across the United States.

“Seeing how successful our Care on the Go events were and how much need there is for services like microchipping, we knew this would be a great opportunity for our community,” said Communications Supervisor Kim Powell. “The goal of this mission is to microchip every dog ​​in Maricopa County so that if a dog becomes lost or separated, it can be easily reunited with their owner.”

MCACC already microchips all of the dogs it adopts, but this event will offer Maricopa County residents who have not adopted a dog from a shelter the opportunity to have their beloved dog microchipped free of charge.

To receive a microchip through the Mission Microchip event, make a reservationTimes open two weeks in advance, so check back daily if you can't get an appointment.

Event details:

Contents: Free microchip

Event period: May 6, 2024 to the end of the year (7 days a week)

Location: Maricopa County Animal Care and Control

West Shelter: 2500 S. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (starting May 6, 2024)

East Shelter: 1920 S Lewis Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210 (starting summer 2024)

How to: Register here.

Pet homelessness is a community issue that requires collaborative community engagement. Vaccinations, microchipping and adoption are the pillars of fighting pet homelessness. We encourage community members to take advantage of this free resource to ensure the health and well-being of pets in our community.

Microchips for dogs.

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