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News Flash • The Impact of Improper Weed Removal on Maricopa

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March 6, 2024

Ari Halpert [Eng/Spa]


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PHOENIX (March 6, 2024) – As Maricopa County residents prepare for a warmer, drier spring and summer ahead, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) wants to raise awareness about increased levels of dust in the air. I am. Improper removal of weeds releases large amounts of dust into the air we breathe and is a major source of dust. High dust concentrations during the spring and summer months can become a nuisance and pose a health risk to the community. MCAQD encourages property owners to take necessary steps to ensure that weed removal activities do not contribute to air pollution.

The Valley's unique climate and topography easily trap dust particles and other pollutants in the air, posing a threat to respiratory and cardiovascular health. MCAQD Director Philip McNeely emphasizes the importance of all residents and businesses practicing good weed removal to reduce dust pollution. This joint effort aims to ensure everyone has access to clean air during the warmer months.

To minimize dust generation during weed removal, MCAQD advises property owners to thoroughly wet the area beforehand. By saturating the ground with moisture, weeds can be removed without creating large dust clouds. Additionally, stabilizing the soil with water after removing weeds prevents loose dust particles from being easily blown away by the wind.

The use of mechanized equipment such as disking, blades, and scraping for weed removal operations larger than 0.10 acres (4,356 square feet) requires a permit from the MCAQD. However, if you use mowers, weed whackers, or hand tools to remove weeds, you do not need a permit.

For more information about weed removal and/or permit requirements, contact the MCAQD Business Assistance Unit at 602-506-5102 or visit

Residents can report air quality concerns or dust control issues by calling the department at 602-372-2703 or online at Masu.

Weed Removal – Dust Prevention Tips Flyer >> and Access informational video on weed removal >>

About the Maricopa County Air Quality Department

MCAQD's mission is to improve Maricopa County's air quality so that our customers, residents, and visitors can live, work, and play in a healthy environment. MCAQD is managed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and follows air quality standards set by the federal Clean Air Act. For air quality information and resources, visit

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