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Nogales doctor facing 5 criminal charges according to Santa Cruz County complaint | News

NOGALES, Ariz. (KVOA) – News 4 Tucson obtained a Santa Cruz County criminal complaint this week that alleges Marco Saucedo, 56, a Nogales-based obstetrician-gynecologist, touched the genitals of one of his victims. In April 2018, he engaged in “sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact” without consent.

The complaint alleges that in December 2022, Saucedo intentionally touched the second victim's genitals, buttocks, nipples, and breasts without her consent.

This is worrying news, especially for small towns.

“I don't like that because he's supposed to be an expert that a lot of people trust,” one resident told News 4 Tucson.

Mr. Saucedo faces five criminal charges. Sexual assault advocates like Katrin Monje of the Southern Arizona Sexual Assault Prevention Center said incidents like this are sadly not uncommon.

“While this is incredibly unfortunate and completely reprehensible in every way, it's not all that surprising because we know sexual assault is not about lust, love, or attraction. ” she explained. “It's a matter of control.”

According to residents we spoke with, Saucedo is a well-known doctor in the area, which makes it difficult for survivors in small towns to come forward, Monge explained.

“Victims have to make decisions about who to share this with, who to trust, because they are faced with the possibility that they are somehow related to the alleged perpetrator. “It gave me a certain social circle,” she said. “We are extremely grateful that these particular survivors felt safe and empowered enough to come forward like they did.”

News 4 Tucson investigated and found that Saucedo still has an active medical license, but it is unclear if he is treating patients at this time. We have also reached out to Saucedo's attorney and are awaiting a response.

He has a hearing scheduled for late February, according to court records.

To read the Santa Cruz County criminal complaint, click on the PDF above.

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