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Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails Into Riverbank

A freight train in southern Norfolk derailed and fell onto a riverbank in Pennsylvania Saturday morning, according to CBS News.

Three railroad cars derailed along the Lehigh River near Bethlehem in south Norfolk, releasing diesel fuel and some plastic pellets, authorities said. according to Go to CBS News.

“The accident caused diesel fuel to spill into the Lehigh River and a containment boom was installed,” said Lower Saucon County Police Chief Thomas Berndt. “Polypropylene plastic pellets were also released from one of the derailed cars.”

Photos shared on social media showed train cars scattered outside the tracks. According to the newspaper, the locomotive appeared to be pulling a boxcar or tanker car. At least one photo showed a train car partially submerged in the river.

Emergency responders contained the diesel fuel spill with a “boom” fence and vacuumed it out of the river, the paper said. The newspaper said loose polypropylene pellets from the scene, which had spilled from one of the rail cars and fell “primarily to the ground”, had also been removed. (Related: CNN could not reveal expert connections with Norfolk South in East Palestine segment)

Officials said there were no reports of injuries or danger to the public as a result of the incident, the report said. Norfolk Southern released a statement following the incident.

“Norfolk Southern Railway responded to a derailment in Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania. There is no threat to the public, there are no concerns about hazardous materials from the vehicles, and there are no reports of injuries to crew members,” the statement read. Stated.

“We appreciate the quick and professional response by local emergency agencies,” the statement continued. “Our crews and contractors will remain on site over the next few days to clean up. We appreciate the public's patience as we work as quickly, thoroughly and safely as possible.” We are working to improve safety. We are investigating this incident to understand how it happened and to prevent others from doing the same. ”

Norfolk Southern Railroad faced backlash after one of its trains derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, 2023, releasing toxic chemicals. President Joe Biden waited more than a year to visit the community, but was only two hours away from traveling to a Delaware beach over the weekend.

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