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‘Not Once Was He Respectable’: Texas A&M’s Travis Chestnut Blasts Jim Schlossnagle For His Blatant ‘Disrespect’

But Jim Schlossnagle is a really rude jerk.

Travis ChestnutA utility player from Texas A&M University, he joined the starting lineup midway through the season and made an impact. Eagle And he slammed Jim Schlossnagle for treating him poorly while he was the Aggies' head coach. (RELATED: Jim Schlossnagle joins hated Longhorns and completely upsets Texas A&M: Report)

Schlossnagle recently left A&M University to take the same position with the Texas Longhorns.

“I'm shocked by Schlossnagle's disrespect,” Chestnut said. “He's never been someone I'd look up to in my career. I was with him because I wanted to be with the Aggies and in the SEC, but frankly, I'm not with him. [assistant coaches] “Mike Early and Nolan Cain”

Chestnut's mother is also in attendance.

Given what happened here, Chesnut may be telling the truth.

*eats popcorn* Never mind.

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