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NRS Logistics will build semiconductor chemical and gas facility in Casa Grande

NRS Logistics America, a leading chemical logistics company providing transportation, storage and distribution, and asset leasing services to the chemical and industrial markets, today announced construction of a semiconductor chemical and gas product distribution and storage facility in Casa Grande, Arizona announced plans to The first phase of the facility, which he expects to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2024, will initially create up to 30 jobs, and when fully operational, he will create more than 90 new jobs.

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Following a recent land acquisition, the facility will be built on 40 acres just south of the Maricopa Casa Grande Highway, on the southwest corner of Eathington Road and Illinois Road. Representing a multi-million dollar capital investment, Phase 1 includes 69,000 square feet to serve the semiconductor and electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the industrial chemicals market. The second phase of expansion will also include railway operations.

“With growing markets for semiconductor manufacturing and EV battery manufacturing, the NRS has considered several other states for its initial North American investment,” said Yuichi Sato, president of NRS Logistics America. “Arizona was a perfect fit for NRS expansion because of its proximity to our customer base, the ability to operate a port in Southern California, and the excellent value of the land investment. It is growing and was a great fit for NRS to work with other manufacturers in the region to provide storage and transportation services.”

The facility will include temperature-controlled storage for specific hazard classes of flammable, corrosive chemicals and oxidants used in semiconductor chip manufacturing and electric vehicle battery manufacturing. Additionally, the facility accommodates portable bulk tank storage and lifting operations.

“We are thrilled that NRS Logistics has chosen Casa Grande as the nation’s first semiconductor chemical distribution facility,” said Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Department of Commerce. “As a leader in global chemical logistics, NRS Logistics is expanding the semiconductor supply chain in Arizona to support Casa Grande’s growing semiconductor ecosystem.”

“Currently home to North America’s first NRS distribution facility, Casa Grande is a remarkable hub for semiconductor companies,” said Chris Camacho, chairman and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. We are continuing that momentum,” he said. “We are excited to see NRS join the ecosystem and grow the semiconductor and electric vehicle sectors across the region.”

NRS provides chemical and gas logistics services to companies seeking a safe and reliable response to their international supply chain needs. NRS Corporation is a leading chemical logistics company providing transportation, storage and distribution, asset leasing and sales to the chemical and industrial markets for over 70 years. This portfolio of services will enable NRS to offer end-to-end services specifically for the chemical industry.

Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland said, “Casa Grande is thrilled to welcome another industry-leading company to its community that will continue to grow and diversify our economy. ‘ said. “NRS will play a key role in supporting not only the Casa Grande, but Arizona’s semiconductor industry, and will help enhance the state’s reputation as a prime location for this industry.”

NRS Logistics’ new facility fuels the rapid economic growth taking place at Casa Grande.Over the past few years, Casa Grande has attracted notable expansions such as battery recyclers eco batand semiconductor suppliers Changchun, Arizona, KPCT Advanced Chemicals, Solvay and LCY Chemical.

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