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Oct. 7 Survivor Reportedly Says Mentioning Lionel Messi’s Name To Terrorist Saved Her Life

A 90-year-old survivor of the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion of southern Israel says terrorists saved him because he mentioned the name of famous soccer player Lionel Messi, The Jerusalem Post reported. It was reported on Thursday.

Esther Cunio, an elderly Argentine grandmother living in Israel, was interrogated by terrorists about the whereabouts of her relatives in the upcoming Spanish documentary “Voices of October 7th: A Story of Latin Survival.” However, he skillfully steered the conversation toward soccer. ,outlet report.

Cunio said one of the terrorists asked her what Argentina was and if she was a soccer fan and knew Messi, the newspaper said. “Then I say to him: I'm from where Messi is from. And he replies, 'Messi?' I like Messi. 'Then he grabbed my arm, handed me a revolver and a rifle, put his hand on me and took a picture,'' Kunio said. (Related article: Kim Kardashian's son backlash after being spotted with one of the world's biggest celebrities, Lionel Messi)

The Jerusalem Post reported that eight members of Kunio's family were captured by the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, and two of his grandchildren remain hostages.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Leah Soibel, founder and CEO of Fuente Latina, said, “This documentary spotlights Israel's Spanish-speaking community and shares the horror and heroism of Hamas attacks.'' “It's unique in that it tells the story of the United States to millions of Hispanics around the world.” “This film is very important because it preserves these testimonies for posterity so that the truth is not distorted or forgotten, as happened in the past.”

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