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Officials urge Arizona campers to be cautious about fires

Flagstaff, Arizona — Most of the snow is disappearing from Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks, but what remains is a faint reminder of what winter has brought.

“We had a really nice wet winter,” said Capt. Dylan Guffey of the Flagstaff Fire Department.

Wet winters and springs contributed to the fire hazard.

“It’s great that the fire risk is moderate to high instead of severe,” said Randy Shaffer, spokesman for Coconino National Forest.

Still, wet winters and springs helped the growth of fire fuel, which is now beginning to dry.

Gaffy’s biggest mistake campers make is not completely extinguishing the campfire.

“They don’t think campfires go out and crawl out of holes, and that’s where most of the fires come from,” Guffey said.

Guffey advises people to use designated fire hydrants, remove vegetation at least four feet away, and keep the fire small. Before leaving the camp, Guffy advises drowning the people and putting out the fire.

“If it’s too hot to touch, you can’t leave,” says Guffey.

Shaffer added that dragging chains and cigarette butts can also cause fires.

“It only takes one spark to start a wildfire,” Schaefer said. “So, even though the conditions are much better than in previous years, we still want visitors to the forest to remain vigilant and cautious at all times, especially during recreational activities involving fire. thinking about.”

Before deciding where to camp, Guffy reminds people that campfires are prohibited. Flagstaffcity ​​boundaries.

Regarding the Forest Service’s land restrictions, Schaeffer recommends that recreational people in forests: online restrictions before their trip.

“If people don’t comply with fire regulations, they could be ticketed at the lowest point of danger,” Shaffer said. “Highest point of risk – you’ve seen wildfires in Flagstaff in the past, so from tickets and deeds to massive Type 1 wildfires destroying large amounts of forest and homes. ,everything never wants’ take a risk. ”

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