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One Of The Last Two States Prohibiting Self-Serve Gas Pumping Just Ended Their 72-Year Ban

A bill was signed into law on Friday ending a 72-year moratorium on drivers’ fuel pump rights in Beaver, allowing Oregon residents to pump their own gasoline.

Gov. Tina Kotek signed into law a bill giving people the option to fill their own gas or have an attendant fill their car. Associated Press (AP) reported.

Today, New Jersey still requires gas station workers to fill customers’ tanks, making it the only state that bans drivers from filling their own gas tanks. (Related: ‘Gather the Dust:’ Car Dealer Reports EV Longevity)

South Africa also bans drivers from refueling themselves, the newspaper said.

One of the reasons Oregon first banned self-service gasoline in 1951 was that excessive gasoline spills could pose a threat to residents and safety concerns about the danger of drivers slipping on slippery surfaces. was due to concerns about This is because the state is notoriously prone to dark precipitation, especially heavy rain. (Related: Study: Red states have the lowest gas prices)

The new law requires self-service pumps to be priced the same as full-service pumps, the store said. Additionally, the bill would prohibit gas stations from offering more self-service pumps than full-service pumps.

Before the bill was passed, gas stations in rural, remote and “sparsely populated” areas of Oregon already allowed drivers to fill their own gas late at night or when there were no attendants. was

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