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Oregon High School Basketball Player Forced To Miss Rest Of State Tourney After Getting Kicked In Head By Cheerleader

This is no way to focus on the game.

On Thursday, during a high school basketball game in Portland, Oregon, a player was kicked in the head by a cheerleader (from his own school) during pre-game introductions. This contest was part of his OSAA state tournament. (Related: 'It's going to hurt': UConn's Dan Hurley — the guy I want to hate — gets cooler and cooler with interactions like this)

Barlow High School senior Sentri Martino was running toward the center of the court after being introduced as part of the starting lineup when a cheerleader suddenly caught her in the leg as she did a backflip. . At that moment, Martino fell to the ground and lay on the court. Few minutes. He did not participate in the match.

Martino also did not play in the remaining games of the state tournament.


That's a terrible way to be excluded from the state tournament.

I really feel sorry for this child. Not only did he not play, he was bounced in a very embarrassing way. Assholes, we all know that today's prickly teenagers are going to forgive him for getting KO'd by a cheerleader. And you couldn't even get a ring from this disastrous tournament?

Hmm…someone please give this kid a scholarship or something, this is tough.

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