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Palmer calls for release of Special Counsel interview with Biden

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) is seeking more information about the special counsel's decision not to indict President Joe Biden over his mishandling of classified documents.

Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report last week refusing to prosecute the president, citing his “diminished capacities,” including memory loss, and making it difficult for a jury to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt. He said it was difficult.

Palmer responded to the report, calling it proof that Biden is no longer “fit for the White House.”

Biden held a press conference Thursday denying accusations that he suffers from significant memory loss or mental decline.

Palmer said he is not taking Biden's word for it and is now calling for the special counsel's meeting with the president to be made public.

“The White House vehemently denied this characterization and downplayed Mr. Xu's intentions. President Biden's personal lawyer said the report's treatment of President Biden's memories was “neither accurate nor appropriate.” “This level of response from the White House is going to change the narrative of the president in the report,” Palmer said. “The most logical step from the White House is to release the full recording of President Biden's deposition so that the American people can hear it for themselves.” If the backlash is valid, why are they blocking the recordings and the release of the recordings?”

The lawmaker also compared the case to the ongoing prosecution of former President Donald Trump, who is also accused of mishandling classified documents.

“If President Biden is as mentally sound as the White House claims, then he should be brought to justice,” he said. He knowingly and willfully violated the law by possessing classified material as a civilian. All of this stands in stark contrast to the Justice Department's political persecution of President Trump. ”

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