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Patrick Mahomes May Win Another Super Bowl, But He’s Destined To Lose At Home

Superstar Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be looking to win his third Super Bowl on Sunday, but he has already won one massive L this week.

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick's spouse and mother of his two children, was recently selected as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model for a video in which she is seen wearing a bikini that covers about 4 percent of her body. It was announced that.

According to SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day, the revealing shoot showed off every item, essentially exposing her entire butt to the world and “continues to empower women around the world.” It was said that there was a purpose. (Related: Brittany Mahomes turns heads with skimpy swimsuit in Sports Illustrated photo shoot)

Yes, because there's nothing more empowering than selling your body for a dying brand and parading yourself naked on social media during the week your husband plays the biggest game of his life.

What does 15 think about this? Her good-natured and supportive husband has been a staunch defender of his wife, calling those who criticize her awkward TikToks and her burning desire to be a C-list star “weird.” ” he called.

As if the sight of Nick Bosa and Chase Young getting beheaded wasn't enough to keep him up at night, Mahomes is now learning that legions of perverts online are eyeing the butt crack of the mother of his children. I have to worry.

Compare Brittany's disgust with that of her game-watching partner, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift isn't exactly a hoe that internet people have to rely on. deep fake According to Billboard, explicit images to see her naked. That definitely wouldn't be a problem for Brittany.

Unfortunately for Patrick, it looks like Brittany's global fame tour is just getting started. Sports Illustrated's announcement served as a preview of its 2024 issue, scheduled to be released in May. according to S.I.

Her desperate desire to be seen is quite embarrassing. She's always posting TikToks of herself dancing her latest viral dance trend or screaming in the Chiefs booth.

All this despite the fact that her husband has the largest contract in NFL history by a wide margin. She doesn't need to do that. She doesn't have to bare her cheeks on the world wide web like a common street prostitute. But here we are.

All I can say to Patrick is good luck. The two are high school sweethearts, so he's clearly well versed in handling hysterical women. In my opinion, he's too rich to deal with this shit.

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