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People Can’t Stop Saying Biden’s Staff Spray Tanned Him

As President Joe Biden spoke on Monday about the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity, internet users couldn't stop commenting on his allegedly recently tanned face.

Some Twitter users ignored the president's thoughts on the Supreme Court's decision and noted Biden's appearance had changed since last week's debate with former President Donald Trump. New York Magazine White House correspondent Olivia Nuzzi posted a photo of the president speaking on Twitter and commented on the “bronzer” he appeared to be wearing. (Related: Supreme Court rules that President Trump is “entitled to immunity” from prosecution for official conduct)

Fox News' Bill Melgin teased that Biden had either “got a lot of sun” or that staff had “put bronzer on him.”

Some online wondered if the president had gotten a spray tan over the weekend.

“Breaking Point” co-host Sagar Enjeti highlighted Biden's refusal to answer questions after the speech, commenting that he was “covered in makeup” and that his message was “scripted.”

During last Thursday's debate with Trump, Biden spoke hoarsely and made multiple gaffes. About halfway through the debate, legacy media outlets like CBS and NBC began tweeting that sources were saying Biden had a cold the day before the debate.

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