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Piers Morgan Asks Chris Christie If He Plans On ‘Identifying As A Woman’ For The 2024 Race

Fox News contributor Piers Morgan asked Republican presidential nominee Chris Christie on Tuesday if he would identify as a woman in the 2024 presidential primary debates.

Morgan and Christie were discussing upcoming preliminary debates and topics that Christie said he would like to discuss once he is on stage.

“And let me be clear, running for president won’t identify you as a woman,” Morgan urged.

“Pears, I don’t think there’s anyone less feminine than me,” Christie said.

Mr. Christie has promised to target former President Donald Trump at the forefront of a debate over foreign policy with Russia and North Korea. He accused Trump of calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a “great man” and accused him of withholding aid from Ukraine. (Related: ‘They’re Not Conservatives’: Chris Christie Attacks Republicans for Trying to Ban Child Transsexuals)

“I don’t think calling Kim Jong-un a ‘great man’ stopped him from continuing to develop missile technology that would allow him to reach the United States. It happened under the watchful eye of Donald Trump. And Putin continued to build up his army, building up troops on the border. [Ukrainian] national borders. He didn’t answer that, nor did he answer about withholding military aid from Ukraine in an attempt to taint Joe Biden. ”

In 2019, President Trump said he would withhold military aid from Ukraine because other European countries were not paying their fair share. He called for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia and promised to end the war between the two countries within “24 hours”.

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