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Pima County Approves Leases for Mosaic Quarter Entertainment Complex

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The Pima County Board of Supervisors votes 4-0 to lease the first phase of Mosaic Quarter, a sports and entertainment complex that will generate billions of dollars and support tens of thousands of jobs over a 40-year master lease term. Acknowledged.

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Mosaic Quarter is part of Kino Sports Complex South on the south side of Interstate 10 between Benson Highway and Country Club Road. The 90-acre facility is adjacent to the Keno Sports Complex on the north side of Interstate 10.

Mosaic Quarter Phase 1 will focus on the 175,000 square foot MQ Iceplex, 131,000 square foot MQ Field House, central utility plant and solar power for the complex.

“The approval of the Mosaic Quarter Phase 1 lease is a major step toward creating perhaps one of the most important drivers of economic prosperity in Pima County,” said Pima County Board of Supervisors Chair Adelita S. Grijalva. Ayumu,” he said.

“Once completed, Mosaic Quarter, in partnership with Kino Sports Complex, will put Pima County at the top of the list of tournament sports and entertainment complexes in the nation. We are committed to the importance of ensuring that the youth in our community have access to quality facilities and youth sports that families would otherwise have to travel to Phoenix or out of state to enjoy.”

When completed, Mosaic Quarter Phase 1 is projected to generate $8.3 billion in new local spending, in addition to $917.7 million in tax revenue for the State of Arizona, the City of Tucson, and the Regional Transportation Authority.

“We are grateful for Pima County's support,” said Frank Knott, CEO of Knott Development. “The county clearly recognizes the benefits to our community and shares our vision for socio-economic success and workforce development. From local youth sports and track and field to national tournaments, lifestyle and entertainment. From venues to hospitality, Mosaic Quarter supports small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, travel and tourism, and more.”

Project Amenity Highlights

Phase 1

  • MQ Iceplex 3 Link Sports Complex
  • MQ Multi-Use Field House Multi-sport Facility
  • Up to 4 restaurants
  • Central power plant and solar power plant

Future phases

  • MQ Sportsplex sports complex
  • MQ Stadium
  • entertainment pavilion
  • event plaza
  • splash pad
  • 3 hotels and up to 10 restaurants
  • parking structure

Deputy County Executive Carmine DeBonis Jr., who orchestrated the agreement with Knott Development, said Mosaic Quarter's public-private partnership will protect the county from financial damage should the area experience economic disaster in the future. said that it can be done. The county will receive 55 percent of the project's cash flow. The county's share is estimated to be $6 million annually, which will be kept in a reserve fund. That fund will grow to more than $199 million over the life of the lease to protect the county's financial stability, DeBonis said.

“We took this transaction through the credit rating agencies and they determined that entering into a lease agreement for the construction of the project would not affect the county's credit rating,” DeBonis said. “Pima County's credit ratings range from AA+ to AAA.”

Phase 1 Economic Impact Highlights

  • $8.3 billion in new local spending
  • $917.7 million in state, local, and city tax revenue
  • 92,300 community jobs supported
  • These jobs generate $3.7 billion in community revenue.

“This is a very exciting day for Pima County residents,” said County Executive Jan Lesher.

“When completed, Mosaic Quarter will provide hundreds of new jobs and, combined with the development of bridges near Tucson, will make the I-10 corridor between I-19 and Country Club Road the largest in the Tucson metropolitan area. We look forward to a continued partnership between the county and Knott Development to revitalize the economy of the area surrounding the Kino Sports Complex. ”

Lesher said Tuesday's vote was years in the making. The county acquired 160 acres in 2014. The county opened Keno Sports Complex South, with soccer fields and pickleball courts, in 2020 and sought proposals to build the remainder of the site the same year. Knott Development has been selected for the 2021 Master Development Partnership Agreement.

A key aspect of this project is the Mosaic Foundation, a nonprofit organization that partners with numerous local groups and organizations.

“Through community partnerships and the Mosaic Foundation, we are able to serve youth from all backgrounds and demographics and make sports and athletics accessible to all,” Knott said.

This project has broad community support. A number of sports and business organizations sent statements of support, and during an address to the audience, about 10 people expressed support for the board.

Community Support Statement Summary:

Danny Plattner, co-founder and operator of the Tucson Adult Hockey League

  • “The Mosaic Foundation’s vision to involve all children in sports, regardless of economic status, is remarkable. It will have a positive impact on Pima County children and their parents for generations to come.” will give you.”

Linda Welter, Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce President

  • “The numbers benefiting Pima County are staggering. This project represents a transformative opportunity for Pima County and its residents.”

David A. Parks, Vice President, First Tee of Tucson

  • “There is a severe lack of youth sports facilities and amenities in our community. Mosaic Quarter will fill a huge void in Tucson.”

Troy Vaughn, Senior Director of Campus Recreation, University of Arizona

“This is a game changer for this community. We will have four to five hockey teams in Mosaic Quarter, including a brand new club women's hockey team that will launch when the facility is completed in fall 2026.”

Robert Elias, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

“This initiative is more than just a development. It is a transformative initiative that will change the landscape of this part of our city. This project welcomes teams and audiences, but also welcomes diversity and creates a mosaic of cultures and experiences. The aim is to foster a sense of identity and pride in creating a sense of identity.”

Brad Anderson, Vail Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

“We see a lot of opportunity in what Mosaic Quarter can offer the whole region.”

The Arizona Department of Transportation's planned expansion project for Interstate 10, home to Mosaic Quarter and Keno, includes a connection between the two complexes that would allow shuttles and pedestrians to travel between the two sites. contained. This connection will allow him to operate Mosaic Quarter and Keno as one facility should he need to host large tournament events while consolidating visitor amenities.

For more information on the Mosaic Quarter Phase 1 lease and the history of the project, see County Administrator Lesher's article. memo From February 27, 2024.

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