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Pima County has 46 heat related deaths | Local

TUCSON (KVOA) – Heat stroke deaths continue to rise in southern Arizona.

In March, there was one in Santa Cruz County, but in July there were more than 40 in Pima County.

The temperature has been above 100 degrees for the last 48 days.

It does great harm to people.

Dr. Greg Hess is a forensic pathologist and chief medical examiner for Pima County. “As of late July 2023, there have been 46 heat-related deaths in Pima County.”

Hess said the number of heat-related deaths has increased since June 14. In July, it was extremely hot for several days.

Hess said many people were affected.

Hess said early July was fine.

“But it’s actually been hot from the second week of July until now, and that has increased the number of people coming to the office.”

Hess told News 4 Tucson that in 2023, the tracking of heat-related deaths in his office will expand to include both heat-related deaths and heat-related deaths.

“Thermal deaths are those that we believe to have died as a direct result of exposure to heat or extreme heat. They got too hot and died as a result.”

Hess also explained that the heat played a role in the deaths. “We believe the underlying cause is probably something else, such as an underlying natural disease or an overdose.”

Such as finding unresponsive people in local parks and sidewalks.

“It’s hot outside, and they’re hot, but they also have drug addiction, so the death could have been coded as an overdose, but we think the heat contributed to that death.” I have.”

According to KVOA’s weather team, July will go down in history as the hottest month ever.

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