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Pima Town Manager Vernon Batty selected to participate in Class 32 of Project CENTRL

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Project Central: Pima Town Manager Vernon Batty has been selected as a member of the 32nd class of the Arizona Rural Leadership Center.

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Pima – Vernon Batty is a fifth generation Arizona native, originally from the rural town of Pima, where he currently lives with his wife of 18 years, Tiana, and their six children.

He has worked in the HVAC industry for 22 years and has run his own company for 14 years specializing in installation and repair of residential and small commercial systems.

In 2021, Vernon accepted the position of Pima Town Manager, allowing him to broaden his horizons and leverage his business management experience while taking the opportunity to learn many of the skills necessary for a new career in local government. As a small town manager, Vernon is hands-on in a variety of town business, including but not limited to grant creation, land management, and budget preparation. He is also responsible for overseeing all departments of the town such as City Hall, Police Station and Public Works. In addition to his role as manager, Vernon represents the town’s interests on various commissions, including Southeast Arizona government agencies and the Graham County Chamber of Commerce.

Vernon was recently selected to participate as a member of the 32nd.nd A class at the Arizona Rural Leadership Center. This organization develops and empowers leaders who meet the needs of rural Arizona. Her flagship program, Project Central, has trained more than 700 of her leaders in Arizona since 1983. Project Central’s impact on rural Arizona is significant and significant, as participants hold many leadership positions throughout the state.

Sixteen participants were competitively selected for Class 32 and the first seminar was held June 1-3, 2023 at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel in Chandler, Arizona. Project CENTRL Class 32 will travel the state over the next 12 months to attend nine seminars on effective communication, natural resources, rural economy, basics of national budgets: health care, education and corrections, agriculture in border areas, and public policy. join. in Arizona. They plan to travel to Sonora, Mexico. Visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC to explore leadership lessons from every perspective. The program culminates with the team of the “Make A Difference” project. There, class alumni discuss how they can help address and solve some of the key problems and challenges of rural Arizona.

The Leadership Fundamentals Seminar at Wild Horse Path provided an important opportunity to learn personal communication and learning styles, and to build connections with and among alumni. This venue also served as the final seminar and graduation ceremony for the 31st batch of Project CENTRL graduates. Scott Koenig, an MBA and Class 21 alumnus, is his fifth executive director of the program, which is based at the University of Arizona’s joint expansion.

The Arizona Center for Rural Leadership is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that ensures rural Arizona is healthy, vibrant and sustainable. Since 1983, we have been developing leaders in rural Arizona and establishing networks of problem solvers, decision makers and public relations professionals.visit for more information.

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