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Pinal County introduces 3-1-1 call center

Starting Monday, November 9, contacting the Pinal County Citizens Call Center will be as easy as dialing 3-1-1. “This applies to all calls dialed within Pinal County.” Pinal County Supervisory Board Chairman Sheryl Chase said in a press release: “The call center has the ability to contact local governments within the county, and anyone who dials 3-1-1 can get the government services they need. We are pleased to bring these services to the general public.” The first 311 center was established in 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland. The 3-1-1 numbers are reserved for non-emergency local government services, and he has 3-1-1 contact centers throughout the United States and Canada. By activating this new simplified dial, Pinal County will become Arizona’s first true 3-1-1 center, according to the release. “For example, if you need to contact Apachejunction and don’t know the number, just dial 3-1-1 and our friendly staff will happily direct you to the right person,” said Chase. rice field. “It will actually allow the caller’s municipality to be transferred within the county.” Here’s how his new 3-1-1 system works. • With 3-1-1, customers can call one easy-to-remember number to access local government services and information within Pinal County. • Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 3-1-1 The Citizen Fureai Center is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. • Our information specialists use state-of-the-art databases of information and services provided by local authorities, which can be continuously updated, so the latest facts are available. • 3-1-1 centers can quickly incorporate real-time information when needed for events such as road flooding, wildfires, and public health incidents. “The Citizen Call Center has been a huge success for the county and residents,” Chase said. “Since its opening in 2007, the center has answered approximately 870,000 citizen calls for information and services. Today, callers can dial 3-1-1 from anywhere in the county. Phone Numbers •In Pinal County Call 3-1-1 •In Pinal County Call 520-509-3555 •Outside Pinal County Call 520-509-3555 •Toll Free — 888-431-1311 Reminder: Call 9-1-1 for emergencies

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