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Piper Trust helps Maricopa County Nonprofits Meet Fluctuating Challenges

Subsidies provide flexibility and encourage new approaches

Phoenix, August 7, 2023–(business wire)–The Piper Trust’s nearly $34 million in grant support in the 15 months ended March 31 speaks to the return on investment in the community through both application-based and philanthropic efforts initiated by the Trust. This two-pronged approach to funding follows the Trust’s almost sole focus for more than two years on addressing the critical and multifaceted challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. .

But this doesn’t mean the final chapter of the norm-busting impact of COVID-19 on nonprofits has been written. The struggle continues and the Trust’s strategic investments over the course of the full fiscal year 2023 reflect that.

“We understand the uniqueness and needs of individual nonprofits and how the Piper Trust works in this sector,” said Steve Zabilski, president and CEO of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust. We will continue to consider whether we can best support the whole.” “The Trust strives to be a partner to the nonprofit community as it adapts to and establishes its footing in a post-pandemic world. , recognizes that the necessary revival and reinvention is still underway.” Nurture and flexibility. “

Approximately 48% of the grants awarded (January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023) were Trust-led grants, either by the Trust or in partnership with other funders/organizations. Means a devised grant. These grants recognize the need for flexible support for nonprofit organizations pursuing important missions in an ever-changing world. For example, to help our arts and culture partners in the ongoing transition. new normal After the pandemic, the Trust awarded $5,760,000 to 42 organizations in a one-time grant initiative called Arts & Culture Forward.

Erin Goodman, Senior Program Officer, Piper Trust, said: “The idea behind Arts and Culture Forward is to help arts and culture partners continue to explore new ways for people to engage in the arts post-pandemic. It was about giving them a breather,” he said. . “Arts and culture are very important to our quality of life. These organizations need flexible funding to reorient, innovate or completely reinvent themselves for the future.” They are some of the most creative and tenacious professionals in the community, and are what the Trust sought” to create the conditions that would help further its re-normative process. “

Childspray Artistic Director Dwayne Hartford said, “The Piper Trust’s flexible funding will play an important role in Childspray’s continued navigation through the post-pandemic conditions that continue to be difficult for theaters across the United States. there is,” he said. “This support will enable us to meet these challenges, adapt our program and performance delivery methods, and strengthen the future of our mission.”

24th year nowth One year into service in Maricopa County, Piper Trust remains nimble to support the ever-changing needs of the community while looking at strategic investments that enrich quality of life for the long term We are still working on it.

Piper Trust grants can be viewed on the Trust’s website by year and/or by core funding area. Grant search.

Trust Led Grants — Total: $13,947,500

Trust Led Grants: Grants devised by the Trust or in partnership with other funders/organizations. These grants are often unique long-term investments with far-reaching impact. Below is a breakdown by core funding area.

Arts and Culture — Total: $5,900,000 (including all art culture forward Subsidy)

Children—Total: $925,000

Healthcare—Total: $5,872,500

Seniors—Total: $100,000

Religious Organizations—Total: $1,150,000

Communities urgently need grants—total awarded: $375,000

Trust-led grants to meet the time-sensitive needs of humanitarian crises and natural disasters. Examples from this period include emergency assistance to hurricane-affected communities in Florida and Puerto Rico and care for Ukrainian refugees.

PIPER TRUST Back-to-School Grant Program—Total Awarded: $1,593,600

Launched in 2003 by the Piper Trust Board of Trustees, the Back-to-School Grant Program provides select schools in Maricopa County with funds to support the essential clothing, hygiene, and technology needs of vulnerable students. provide. A total of $1,593,600 in grants was awarded to 45 school districts. Disbursed over three years, these funds will go to over 200 schools to help children start the new school year feeling supported. The program has donated her more than $10.5 million to schools since 2003.

Piper Fellows Program — Prize Pool: $480,000

of 2022 Piper Fellow Class Consisting of 12 nonprofit leaders, each of the Fellows will receive $30,000 to support their uniquely designed professional development plan. Each organization will also receive $10,000 from him to help develop relevant officers and staff. The 2022 Piper Fellows are: Becky Bell Ballard, CEO of Rosie’s House. Pedro Consu, CEO of Adelante Healthcare. David J. Hemphill, Executive Director of Black Theater Group. Sister Mary Jordan Hoover, Principal of St. John Paul II Catholic High School. Kirk Johnson, Founder and CEO of SOUNDS Academy. Jared Kittelson, Deputy CEO, Foundation for Blind Children Jessica Leach, Executive Director, Southwest HIV/AIDS Center. Marcia Mintz, President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley. Alicia Nunez, Executive Vice President and CFO of Chicanos Pol La Causa; Dennis Reznik, Founder, President and CEO of First Place Arizona; Christopher Tiffany, Executive Director, Raising Special Kids. Gerd Vestemann, President and CEO, Scottsdale Arts

Responsive Grants—Total: $17,585,200.00

Issuing responsive grants: An application-based grant proposed by a non-profit organization working in partnership with the Trust Program Officer. These are grants to support nonprofit programs, capital campaigns, or capital projects in line with the Trust’s defined grants. Below is a breakdown by core funding area.

art and culture—Total: $4,350,000

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation ($450,000) • Heard Museum ($750,000) • Phoenix Theater ($1 million) • Rosie’s Home: Academy of Music for Children ($650,000) • Scottsdale Arts ($1.5 million) dollar)

child—Total: $7,413,000

Arizona Autism United ($1,300,000) • Boys & Girls Club of the Valley ($3,000,000) • Child Crisis Arizona ($500,000) • Friends of the Children ($600,000) • Homeless Youth Connection ($200,000) • Neighborhood Ministries ($313,000) ) • Southwestern Human Development ($1,500,000)

education—Total: $325,000

Desert Voices/Oral Education Opportunities for the Deaf ($75,000) • Southwestern Human Development ($250,000)

Healthcare and medical research—Total: $3,632,200

Arizona Center for the Blind ($250,000) • Valleywise Health Foundation ($3,200,000) • Wickenburg Community Health Foundation, Inc. ($182,200)

senior citizen—Total: $1,865,000

About Care, Inc. ($150,000) • Arizona Housing, Inc. ($90,000) • Duet: Partners in Health and Aging ($175,000) • Hospice of the Valley ($1,250,000) • Tempe Community Action Agency, Inc. ($200,000) dollar)

About Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust supports organizations that enrich the health, happiness and opportunity of the people of Maricopa County, Arizona. Since beginning grants in 2000, Pipertrust has invested more than $705 million in local nonprofits and programs. Piper Trust’s funding areas include healthcare, children, seniors, arts and culture, education, and religious groups. For more information, please visit: | @PiperTrust | Facebook. For Piper Trust Annual Financial Report: Fiscal Year Ending March 2022, please visit: 2022.

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