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Police Arrest Multiple Suspects After Discovery Of Human Remains Tied To Those Found Previously, Sources Say

Multiple arrests were made Tuesday after multiple body parts of two victims were found on Long Island, according to multiple reports.

Investigators were questioning people in Amityville, New York, about body parts found in Suthers Pond Park last week, Newsday reported. reportsaid an anonymous law enforcement official. Multiple people were arrested early Tuesday morning after executing a search warrant on an Amityville residence, officials told the station. Officials said criminal charges are reportedly pending.

At least two people arrested after police spend overnight in the home, ABC News report. No remains were reportedly found in the residence.

But on Tuesday, it was revealed that additional human remains had been found in a wooded area in West Babylon and Bethpage State Park, the paper noted. Newday said the bodies are believed to be those of the same man and woman found last week. (Related: Human remains found near highway, prompting investigation).

The wooded area is about three miles from the park where the other bodies were found, Newsday reported. Bethpage State Park is approximately 19 miles from Suthers Pond Park.

The human arm was originally discovered by a group of children in Babylon Park on February 29th. Around 8:41 a.m., the teens were walking to school when they noticed a disembodied arm. A police dog later found the foot under a pile of leaves, the New York Post reported. report. Another arm was found about 20 feet from where the first arm was found, the paper noted. Newsday reports that the victim is a 53-year-old man whose name is being withheld.

The next day, the woman's head was discovered in the same park. according to NBC News. Her head, arms and legs were found in the park and police believe they belong to a 59-year-old woman, whose identity has not yet been released pending notification of her next of kin, Newsday reported. do not have.

Authorities began investigating whether the incident was related to the MS-13 gang, as the gang is known to be active in the area, the New York Post reported. report Friday.

“These were brutal, vicious murders. MS 13 is known for hacking bodies with machetes,” a law enforcement source told the Post. “Bodies were also found near locations where the gang committed other crimes.”

As of Tuesday, it was unclear whether the incident was gang-related.

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