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Police Charge Hollywood Producer With Drugging And Raping Man

Police have charged Hollywood producer and writer Lawrence Andries with drugging and raping a man, ABC7 reported Thursday.

Investigators say the man filed the complaint out of concern for more victims, and shared his story exclusively with ABC7. According to the outlet.

“He put drugs in my drink, took me to his house, and then… I can't say the words. I'm sorry, I can't say them,” said a man who wishes to be identified as John Doe. the man spoke.

ABC7 reported that the criminal complaint against Andries alleges he worked on shows such as “Six Feet Under,'' “Blue Bloods,'' “How to Get Away With Murder'' and “Supernatural.'' The producer is said to have been John Doe's mentor.

John Doe claimed he met Andries at a writer's program and they became friends, but things changed when Andries asked him out for drinks in 2022. (Related: 'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe slapped with fourth sexual assault lawsuit, reported in court filing)

“I always made it clear, 'I'm straight, that's not who I am, OK,'” John Doe said. “I never thought I'd have to say, 'This (expletive) never happens.'”

According to ABC7, John Doe said his life changed and the revelation put his Hollywood career in jeopardy.

But despite the potential negative impact on his career, Doe hopes to encourage others to come forward, ABC7 reported.

“You still have a voice. He didn't take it away from you,” John Doe said. “You have the power to use your voice to prevent this from happening to others.”

Andries, 66, is charged with six felonies, including sodomy, oral copulation and sexual penetration while the victim was unconscious due to drug use, and if convicted on all charges. He could be sentenced to a total of 12 years in prison. Go to ABC7.

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