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Police In A Pickle As They Search For Man Who Committed Dirty Deed At Grocery Store

Police in South Jersey were in a tight spot as they searched for a suspect who was involved in an illegal pickle prank at a convenience store, according to an official statement.

Glassboro Police Department (GPD) said the young man, whose name was withheld, “entered a Heritage store and attempted to stick his head into a large container of pickles, forcing the store to remove the pickles for sale.” '' announced. statement Tuesday.

Police said the suspect reportedly filmed the video of the prank, “probably for the likes,” and said the suspect posted the video of the incident to avoid gaining undue fame. He added that he decided not to make it public.

The incident appears to have embarrassed the GPD. “Sometimes there are no words that are appropriate for the actions that people take,” the statement said.

“Unpleasant incident…like a big dill,” says the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted.

Witness: “Suddenly, I heard the sound of water splashing.'' told KHQ Local News. “Then I looked over and his head was soaking wet and he walked out the door. There was pickle juice all over the floor.”

GPD announced Wednesday that the suspect called police and confessed to his actions. another statement. (Related: Police arrest man accused of dropping green dye into pool with drone)

“We are certainly pleased with the cooperation of the community in drawing attention to the predicament we found ourselves in yesterday…We hope that other incidents, particularly of a more serious nature, will be similarly exposed in the future. We are very pleased,” the statement said.

One commenter responded to the police statement: “He was probably emboldened by his friends…kind of funny.” “Then I would like to read something like this.” [sic] Another shooting. ”

According to KHQ Local News, the store lost $52 worth of pickles due to the prank.

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