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Popular HBO Series ‘The White Lotus’ Drops Miloš Biković After Ukrainian Govt Complained About His Political Views

Variety reports that HBO has officially announced that Serbian actor Miloš Bikovic has been removed from the cast of Season 3 of The White Lotus.

The decision was taken following a public outcry initiated by Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry accused Bikovich of supporting Russia amid its ongoing conflict with Ukraine, sparking controversy and leading to HBO's decision. “We have decided to part ways with Milos Bikovic and the role will be recast,” HBO said in a statement. variety.

Following his dismissal from 'The White Lotus', Bikovich released a statement expressing concern about the impact of this situation on artistic freedom.

“Today, a targeted campaign has been launched against me. It appears to be an outside maneuver to influence decisions that could create a disturbing precedent that casts a shadow on the essence of artistic freedom. ” the actor said in a statement. “The result of such a story is the triumph of absurdity and the defeat of art.” (Related: Two of the hottest new actresses from HBO's hit show 'White Lotus' join Kim Kardashian's company in new collaboration)

The conflict was disclosed on January 24 in an announcement by Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Posted Statement on X (formerly Twitter). They highlighted Bikovich's support for Russia since the outbreak of the conflict and questioned HBO's relationship with him.The post included a video of Bikovic receiving a medal from the Russian president. Vladimir Putin In 2018, the actor was considered a spokesperson for the Kremlin.

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