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Power Boat Crashes Into Jetty And Kills One, Hospitalizes 10: REPORT

Authorities said one person was killed and 10 others were taken to hospital after a motorboat crashed into a pier in Southern California's Alamitos Bay on Wednesday night, the Associated Press reported.

Captain Jack Crabtree of the Long Beach Fire Department Said The 48-foot boat was likely speeding at the time of the crash, according to the Los Angeles Times, with law enforcement initially estimating the boat was going at 40 miles per hour, Crabtree added.

However, police said the exact speed would be known once the investigation is fully completed. Paramedics and Long Beach Fire Department paramedics transported the injured to the hospital, according to the Los Angeles Times. (RELATED: Video shows boat hurtling towards beachgoers, crashing into shore)

The deceased was a man between 45 and 50 years old, who died at the scene, ABC 7 News reported. report.

The Long Beach Fire Department said 11 people were on board the boat when it struck the pier.

Breakwaters are long, thin structures that protect coastlines from erosion caused by tides and waves. according to National Geographic: Alamitos Bay Open It was built in the late 1950s as a marina to accommodate recreational boats. Long Beach is House More than 450,000 people.

In August, a boat exploded at a popular lakeside resort in Missouri, injuring 16 people, after gas fumes mixed with sparks near the engine and then exploded, according to Missouri State Police.

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