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NJCAA D1 Current Stats Leaders:


batting average (minimum 150 at-bats):
.493 Carter Frederick, County Snead
.482 Ben Higdon, John A. Logan
.470 Brady Serkonik, County Connors
.470 Janelle Bautista, Ranger
.464 Nick Williams, Wabash Valley
.463 Hector Canderas, Kansas City, Kansas
.462 Richard Bonomoro Jr., Wabash Valley

Slugging percentage % (minimum 150 at-bats):
1.011 Tyler Bishop, Southeast
.985 Brady Serkonik, Co. Connors
.965 Ben Higdon, John A. Logan
.934 Carter Frederick, County Snead
.932 Brody Zako, Fort Scott
.898 Trent Turner, USC Union
.888 Dylan Jasso, New Mexico

home run:
27 Brady Serkonik, Co. Connors
27 Brody Zako, Fort Scott
twenty five Tyler Bishop, Southeast
24 Xavier Cacerilla, Seminole (OK)
24 Robin Villeneuve, Weatherford
23 Keenan Spence, Howard
22 Dylan Jasso, New Mexico

run in RBI:
107 Brady Serkonik, Co. Connors
95 Ben Higdon, John A. Logan
93 Robin Villeneuve, Weatherford
90 Tyler Bishop, Southeast
86 Xavier Cacerilla, Seminole (OK)
82 Joey Morton, Crowder
82 Nick Williams, Wabash Valley

stolen base
56 Janelle Bautista, Ranger
55 Bradley White, South Suburbs
51 Jack Bell, Coffeyville
50 Justin Massingale, St. Charles
43 Justin Calinch, Mineral Zone
43 Daniel Figueroa, Indian Hills
43 Riley Silva, Burton


age (minimum 50 IPs):
1.06 Patrick Steitz, Central Arizona
1.07 Matt Wilkinson, Central Arizona
1.24 Line Rodriguez, Weatherford
1.36 Cade Snell, Wallace-Dothan
1.74 Matthias Lacombe, Cochise
1.85 Jacob Beltran, South Mountain
1.96 Kai Decker, Eastern Utah

136 Matt Wilkinson, Central Arizona
125 Colton Bramley, Southwest Tennessee
124 Luke Rowland, County Connors
118 Brian Holliday, Central Florida
118 Josh Trentadew, Southern Idaho
114 Evan Shaw, Cochise
111 Riker Walton, Mineral Area

K/9 (minimum 50 IPs):
16.0 Josh Trentadue, Southern Idaho
15.5 Jacob Rettgen, Jefferson
15.3 Josh Bostick, Grayson
14.7 Luke Rowland, County Connors
14.6 Matt Wilkinson, Central Arizona
14.2 Liam Scott, Clarendon
13.5 Brian Holliday, Central Florida

13 Colton Bramley, Southwest Tennessee
13 Cole Koons, Johnson County
12 Tyler Boudreau, Midland
12 Spencer Hamblen, Flodahl
12 Drake LaRoche, Lawson State
12 Roland Marte, Western Arizona

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