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Pro-Life Activist Targeted By Biden Admin Escapes Prison Time

A pro-life activist targeted by the Biden Justice Department was sentenced to three years of probation on Tuesday, avoiding more than a decade in prison.

Tennessee activist Paul Vaughn was convicted. Violate Vaughn was convicted by a federal jury in January under the Freedom at Clinic Entrance Act (FACE Act). U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger imposed the sentence five months after Vaughn was convicted by a federal jury.

Vaughn, along with five other activists, was convicted of “felony conspiracy against human rights” and violating the FACE Act. Department of Justice Alleged The activists prevented employees at a Tennessee clinic “from providing and preventing patients from receiving reproductive health services.”

of Thomas More SocietyThe lawyers representing Vaughan argued that during the protests he “peacefully prayed, sang hymns, worshiped and communicated with police.” (Related article: Justice Department indicts 11 pro-life activists for disrupting abortion clinics, warns of heavy prison sentences)

Two days after the Department of Justice indicted Vaughn on October 3, 2022, the FBI searched his home and he was “arrested at gunpoint” in front of his wife and children.

“We will be suing to have this unlawful law overturned,” Paul Vaughn said. “We must stand up and fight for justice. We cannot succumb to lies.”

Under the charges brought by the Department of Justice, Vaughn could face up to 11 years in prison. Thomas More Society As stated in the lawsuit: United States v. Gallagher et al. that The Biden administration “sought to portray Mr. Paul as part of a criminal conspiracy” despite weak supporting evidence.

In June, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against five activists for violating the FACE Act at Planned Parenthood. FloridaEarlier this year, three of these activists were convicted in Tennessee on charges under the FACE Act.

Following charges against pro-life activists, some have argued the law is unconstitutional. Last year, Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah teamed up to introduce a bill that would legislation Repeal the FACE Act.

“The FACE Act is a federal law enacted to protect access to abortion facilities,” the press release states, alleging that President Biden has “weaponized” the Department of Justice to “legally harass” pro-life activists.

The press release cited the case of pro-life activist Mark Hack, who was arrested by FBI agents on suspicion of violating the FACE Act, after a jury ultimately found Hack not guilty of charges related to “a shoving incident outside an abortion facility.”

Hawke, like Vaughan, faces up to 11 years in prison.

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