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Proposition 480 Will Remain On The November Ballot In Flagstaff – KAFF News – Flagstaff

Proposition 480 remains on ballot in November, pending further appeals. Judge Brent Harris ruled in favor of the defendants Friday afternoon in the Flagstaff community after a hearing lasting about an hour in Coconino County Court on Thursday.Northern Arizona Medicine It claims that the referendum on the ordinance signed by voters to put Proposition 480 on the ballot is being used to oppose construction of a new medical complex north of Fort Tuthill. The NAH alleges the petition states that “the site will be used for the construction of retail and commercial spaces and is not intended for the construction of a medical facility.” Flagstaff Community First says it took the ordinance passed by the Flagstaff City Council verbatim, but the petition makes no mention of future hospital projects. In a five-page brief, Justice Harris wrote, “By failing to include all of the permitted use cases, the Commission (Flagstaff Community First) is committing fraudulent or misleading conduct and voting. I did not promote falsehoods against the public,” he said. It’s a referendum. He also ordered City of Flagstaff officials to keep Proposition 480 on the November ballot. Attorneys for Northern Arizona Health Care said they will appeal the decision. In a statement, the FCF said it was satisfied with the judge’s ruling and that “NAH should respect the clarity of the court’s ruling.”

First Judgment and Order of NAH v. Flagstaff Community

NAH v. Flagstaff Community First Fact Finding Law Conclusions

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