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QUAY: Democrat-Run Cities Are America’s Gaza

As images of bombed-out Gaza City streets fill our cellphones and television screens, Americans realize that the Middle East’s literal war zones bear more than a passing resemblance to American dystopias like Detroit and Chicago. It’s no wonder that you realize this.

This physical resemblance is no coincidence. It is the result of deeper ideological affinities among the people, whether Democrats or Islamists, who run, inhabit, and excuse these failed cities.

editorial board of national review The newspaper reported on Monday that critics of Israel’s response, and even the Biden administration, frequently say that “lack of food, water, fuel, electricity and a general lack of infrastructure” in Gaza “is entirely Israel’s fault.” He pointed out that this suggests that

The board asked, “How can an entity that has been solely responsible for the governance of this land for the past 16 years escape responsibility for the condition of the land?”

What do you really think? Hamas simps are all fully aware that Jews ethnically cleansed Gaza in 2005 and allowed local Muslims to eat the fruit of Gaza. vineyards they didn’t plant. They all know that Israel has been providing free electricity to Gazans for almost 20 years. All of this allows us to connect the dots between the billions in foreign aid that Palestine is absorbing and the lavish lifestyle of Qatar’s Hamas leadership.They’ve all seen Hamas Advertisement Video showing terrorist fighters tear the water pipe To make it into a rocket. (Related: Hamas steals fuel and medical equipment from UN humanitarian facilities: report)

If that’s the case with Gaza, then like former President Donald Trump would say, if it’s a “shit hole”, it’s obvious whose fault it is. The blame lies not with Israel, but with Gaza’s Hamas leadership and the majority of Gazans. share their terrorist ideology.

I say “obvious,” but there are many Americans for whom this reality is far from obvious. university student, Black Lives Matter activist, intellectuals, urban progressives. The reason these solid Democratic voting blocs remain so ignorant is because to them all social dysfunction must be the result of oppression and exploitation. They live in a zero-sum world where all the rich are robbers and all the poor are victims.The city may have been mismanaged conflicting ideologues People who are good at stirring up discontent but don’t know how to govern aren’t even on their radar.

These people have been conditioned to blame someone other than themselves and Democratic leaders for the descent of their cities into anarchy and ruin. Last year, Chicago and Los Angeles were given the option to elect law and order reformers. Instead, both opted to double down, selecting Brandon Johnson and Karen Bass, respectively. There is no level of meanness that would force these people to abandon their ideology. (Related article: ‘Be very careful’: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson defends teenage looters over ‘mob action’ allegations)

When urban schools can’t produce any students who can do math — as in the case of 23 schools in Baltimore — Progressives aren’t blaming coronavirus lockdowns. they pushed forward. They do not blame the broken families that the cultural revolution and welfare policies created. They do not condemn woke curricula that focus on inclusion rather than instruction. No, they’re blaming stingy, racist conservatives who have nowhere near the levers of power.Never mind what Baltimore schools are already spending. thousands more The proportion per pupil is above the national average.

Problems arise when rape and murder rates rise not a crime; It must be excessive enforcement.For stores leave a poor area, the problem cannot be shoplifting. It’s corporate greed. When car thefts skyrocket, simply locking up criminals is not the solution. Instead, Chicago Sue Kia and Hyundai This is because car wiring is too easy.

when spontaneous gunfight When there is an epidemic in the streets, the blame should lie with the NRA, never with bleeding-heart prosecutors. refuse to prosecute gun crime.For illegal immigrants straining the social safety netit must be Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis’ fault, not the sanctuary city policy. (Related article: “It didn’t even last a week in Texas”: Greg Abbott slams New York Mayor Eric Adams for calling him a “lunatic”)

So, of course, it’s not Hamas’ fault that Gaza is a Third World garbage dump, constantly provoking its powerful neighbor to destroy what little infrastructure it has. And it’s not the Gazans’ fault either. It must be those dishonest Jews.

The politics of victimhood is appealing (especially fervent Trumpers, including those on the right, would rather see their anger justified than win an election or advance conservative goals).

They are also addictive. When you take a hit, suddenly your problems are no longer your problems. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets. All that matters is getting the dealer to give you another sweet, unrelenting grudge.

For the dealers themselves, it’s all good. Easy money to make and a fanatically loyal customer base. And all you have to do is keep the blame flowing. Who could say no to such a deal?

Grayson Key is the editor of the Daily Caller.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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