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QUAY: The Most Important Part Of Biden’s SOTU Was What Happened Outside The Capitol

Biden's final State of the Union address before the election is over, but the real action took place outside the Capitol, where hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators tried to block the route of the president's motorcade.

Wearing keffiyehs and waving Palestinian flags, they called police “slave catchers and bastards” and demanded an immediate ceasefire. (Related: Chaos erupts outside the White House and Capitol just before SOTU)

As I watched videos of the demonstrations at home, I half-expected the Jokers to support Hamas' January 6th initiative.I even thought about taking an Uber downtown and joining the crowd and yelling. Ray Epps' stuff — “We have to get into the Capitol!”

In the speech itself, Biden sought to address accusations of presiding over genocide. He assured us that (somehow) the US military would build a pier to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza without ever setting American boots on the ground. So what's the plan here? Would you dump tons of construction material into the Mediterranean Sea and hope it washes up on shore?

And what if a Hamas speedboat laden with explosives blows a hole in a U.S. Navy ship? Or when construction workers request increased security after terrorists steal everything they carry from the site? Either can happen. Not that Hamas cares about the people of Gaza. (Related: Key: Democrat-run cities in America's Gaza)

Sure, they'll bite the hand that feeds them, but that might be a rational response when a madman is feeding with one hand while crushing his windpipe with the other.

The day after Biden's speech, just two New York Times columnist Rated below 8/10. One is conservative writer Ross Douthat. The other, Megan K. Stack, said the president “owes a more direct explanation to the American people about his continued support for the attack on Gaza.”

Stack is not alone. On Super Tuesday, “Uncommit” won nearly one-third of the votes in Hawaii's primary election. In Michigan, the same non-candidate received more than 100,000 votes. This is about two-thirds of Biden's 2020 margin of victory in key battleground states. This protest, NPR Notewas especially popular among Muslims (who could?) I'll end up voting for Trump) as well as “young voters and progressives” (who never stay home, but may just stay home). (Related article: Massive protest vote puts a damper on Biden's Michigan primary win)

Biden faces serious challenges.He could stop sending weapons to Israel, but that would only alienate other countries Democratic Party District. He can keep shouting for a ceasefire, but Israel shows no signs of wavering in his resolve to destroy Hamas. He can telekinetically build a few humanitarian piers, but that's not enough to win over his critics.

That means we have an unpopular Democratic incumbent. Support for foreign wars is alienating young people. He will be running against a Republican who ran in the last presidential election and lost.and independent challengers vote about 15 percent.And the Democratic National Convention begins. Chicago.

Wait a minute…I did that. saw this before.

In 1968, approximately 10,000 Democratic Party radicals outraged by the Vietnam War gathered at the Chicago convention to protest the coronation of pro-war Vice President Hubert Humphrey.They are blackmailed Dosing representatives with LSD and “urinating, shitting, and fucking in public.” They even raised a Viet Cong flag in a city park.

Chicago's tough-as-nails mayor, Richard Daley, called out riot police, and households across the country remained under surveillance for days afterward. Cop beats up hippie scum.

A photographer, bleeding from a head wound sustained by police during the riots outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention, signs a peace sign while being interviewed in Chicago on August 28, 1968. (Photo credit: -/AFP via Getty Images)

Humphrey won the nomination, but divisions within the party proved insurmountable. Richard Nixon defeated him by 110 electoral votes.

If Israel is still conducting airstrikes on Gaza in November, or is keeping what remains of Gaza under full military occupation, it could be a repeat of 1968.

Grayson Key is the editor of the Daily Caller.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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