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Rain chances get stronger throughout Southern Arizona this week

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — It was a warm day, but if you braved the heat and headed out for a hike, you’d notice plenty of cloud shadows overhead.

Highs in Tucson today were around 101 degrees, but temperatures will hit 80 degrees tonight around 9pm.

Some parts of southern Arizona got some rain today, but less rain in the Tucson metropolitan area. The rain formed a ring around the Tucson metro area, hitting parts of Tucson as well as the Sells and Arivaca.

However, Tucson will experience some rain tomorrow afternoon through early evening in Cochise County. Much of that rain comes from Mexico.

The trend of rain in the afternoon and evening continued on Tuesday.

Parts of Cochise County will get rain on Wednesday, and possibly parts of Tucson, but it will stop soon.

Highs in Tucson tomorrow will be about 101 degrees, the same as today. Heading into the rest of the week in Tucson, it’s supposed to be hot on Thursday, but the rain will bring temperatures down again next weekend.

Sierra Vista sees the same trend with temperatures rising on Thursday and then falling for the rest of the week.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and keep an umbrella nearby.


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