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Rainy weather could put a damper on your Memorial Day weekend plans

Memorial Day Weekend It’s unofficially the beginning of summer, but does it feel like that? Not much, according to the forecast.

Rain is expected for most of the country over the next few days.

of Satellite of the National Weather Service A weather system occurring off the southeastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean covering Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia reveals it is bringing rain to large swaths of beaches where people typically congregate during vacations. bottom.

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“The system could create strong winds and dangerous waves along parts of the southeastern United States later this week and into the weekend, causing tearing tides. Heavy rains in parts of Carolina and Virginia. is expected.” Warning to the National Hurricane Center. “Dangerous marine conditions are expected even in coastal and offshore waters where strong wind warnings and storm warnings have been issued.”

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The system also shows rain from Texas to Montana, with several severe weather warnings in effect since Friday.

Severe weather warnings begin at the Texas-Mexico border and extend through Oklahoma and into the Rocky Mountains. Hail and possible tornadoes are expected in the area on Friday.

Exactly the same forecast as Saturday, Sunday and Monday is expected for these areas over the next few days, with more rainy days.

However, other regions such as the Northeast, Great Lakes, Midwest, and Southwest will continue to have sunny days throughout the weekend.

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