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Rece Davis says Sears has had best season in Alabama program history

“College GameDay's” Rece Davis has become something of an icon in Tuscaloosa and is one of the University of Alabama's most famous non-athlete alumni.

About the appearance Next LiveDavis offered an opinion about Mark Sears and what he has accomplished for the Crimson Tide this season that may raise eyebrows at first glance but may actually prove to be true.

“I think Mark Sears had the best season ever as an Alabama basketball player. [1955-56] “The Rocket 8, a lot of the old-timers will say the Jerry Harper years were better, but to me this guy deserves to have his jersey hoisted to the ceiling and his number retired because no one wears it anymore,” Davis said.

“He's the guy that got the team out of a bind and that's great. There's something special about this sport because there's so much emphasis on the tournament. Whether you succeed or fail in this one-shot game defines a player's career. When you succeed, there's a certain recognition. With the amount of success Alabama has had historically, especially the great success that Nate Oats has had, making it to the Final Four is a recognition moment for them.”

Sears is averaging over 21 points per game all season, but he's taken his performance up a notch during the tournament.

Through the four wins that led Alabama to its first Final Four, Sears averaged more than 24 points and shot 45 percent from the 3-point line.

As the best player and leader on the first team that led Alabama to unprecedented levels, Sears arguably has a claim to having the best season in the history of Alabama's storied program.

Alabama is two wins away from its first national championship in school history, but it all starts with the toughest battle of them all: Saturday night against Connecticut.

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