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Reed’s democratic purity test would leave party with no candidates

Democrats should remove Terry Sewell from the ballot and not allow him to run for re-election.

These are new rules, said Joe Reed, longtime chairman of the Alabama Democratic Conference. If you receive money from a donor who also gives to the Republican Party, the Alabama Democratic Party should remove you from the ballot. Mr. Reed will hold a press conference Monday morning where he plans to make that claim.

Small problem: Democratic ballots will be empty. Or at least emptier than it is now.

It's no surprise that Mr. Reed is politically active, and few people are better at this game. However, this is impossible even for him.

Mr. Reed began circulating letters and sending emails late Saturday afternoon, as two candidates in the Democratic primary for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District received money from donors supporting Republicans. He argued that he should be disqualified.

Reed was talking about current Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, widely considered the favorite in the race, and Shomali Figures. To make his case, Mr. Reed relied on two stories, including one from me, to prove that Mr. Daniels and Mr. Figures were “bought” by Republicans.

Of course it's neither.

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In Daniels' case, Reid cited an article from the anonymous website Once Upon a Hill that claimed Daniels' campaign benefited from “untold sums” of money from Republican donors. are doing. The article does not mention the donor's name or the amount allegedly given. It can also refer to the person or “donor,” and it can also refer to the person who simply arranged the fundraiser.

A look at Daniels' financial report on the Federal Election Commission's website (which lists every donor and every dollar amount) shows that this story shows that the company has been giving back to all kinds of candidates. It is clear that he is referring only to Alfred Seawright, a black businessman who regularly donates money.

Sealight does not discriminate in donations. This includes donating thousands of dollars to Sewell over the years. No one in ADP or ADC's office gave me a peek about it.

And there should be no peeping. Did the donations from someone who also donated to some Republicans turn Sewell into a hardcore conservative? please. She is Alabama's best and most progressive legislator. She has consistently run circles around her Republican Party, and no one has ever accused her of turning her back on her own district.

The accusations against Daniels are even more ridiculous considering we're not completely unfamiliar with the man. He has now served in the House of Representatives for 10 years and has worked with nearly every Democrat in state government. Has anyone ever described him as “conservative” or complained that he's not progressive enough?

of course not. And it should be an insult to all voters that someone might suddenly believe otherwise.

For figures, it's a little different. But we can't take that man off the ballot.

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I believe that the article I wrote about Figures' campaign raises necessary questions about the tremendous support he receives from one special interest group: the crypto industry. The group has one objective: to prevent proper regulation of the industry. He spent more than $1.7 million on ads and campaign materials, one super PAC boosting the numbers. That's far more than all the other candidates spent combined. The PAC has also attacked some progressive Democrats who have called for stronger regulation.

I think voters should ask whether the numbers have their best interests in mind when it comes to this particular industry. But that's for voters to decide, not political parties.

The man's positions on many important issues and his work over the years make it clear that he is a progressive Democrat and will represent the state itself. The idea that he would be removed from the vote because a super PAC (which is prohibited by law from working with Figures, I tell you) spent money supporting him is ridiculous.

It is well known that the ADC endorsed state Rep. Napoleon Bracy in this election after he was accused of manipulating delegate votes. Bracey is also a good Democrat. He, like other candidates in this race, also received money from Republican donors. I have a vague suspicion that Mr. Reid and the ADC will push for the candidates they support to endorse as well.

But challenges like this arise when you try to tilt the playing field and tip the scales in favor of a particular candidate.

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