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Regime Media Realizes It’s Been Lying This Whole Time (Again)

Once again, the “right-wing media disinformation campaign” has proven true.

By now, it is not surprising that the self-appointed arbiters of truth in the corporate media are arriving at this story, often with years of delay. School closures, masks, and vaccines were essential for years, the media insisted, only to turn out not to be. Lockdowns were effective, the media assured, only to turn out not to be. Hunter's laptop was disinformation, only to turn out not to be. Now the media is finally waking up to what Americans have known all along: President Joe Biden is physically and mentally unfit to serve another four years as president.

Each story has a common thread: while mainstream media outlets tried to ignore these stories or blame them on the machinations of the censorship regime, independent media got it right the first time, every time.

Independent journalists have been marginalized for years for pointing out children who are at low risk from COVID-19 and the disproportionate toll of school closures. But in 2024, The New York Times launched its own anxiety We reassert school closures as a conservation issue that must be respected.

Simply pointing out the many studies (and common sense) that cast doubt on the effectiveness of masks has seen independent journalists banned from social media, while CNN has been reassured. Explosion Survey results Cochrane Review Handing out masks to our brainwashed readers in 2023. Welcome to the real world.

And of course, we all know what happened with the “laptop from hell.”

The sudden realization that Biden is too weak to continue is just the latest, or perhaps the boldest, iteration of this series. Biden's performance in the presidential debate was bad, but predictable. He yelled, he gaped, he made gaffes, he looked confused and gaping, and his soft-spoken, weary demeanor was only punctuated by occasional flashes of rage. Anyone who follows independent media coverage of the Biden administration already knew this was the only possible outcome of putting him on the debate stage. He has behaved exactly the same way he has for the past three years. But all in one, the corporate side decided to get shocked.

Van Jones, in tears, set the tone for CNN's post-debate segment, with the other panelists grieving along with him. The following day, the New York Times editorial board It is called The Biden resignation story was quickly followed by other media outlets, including the Washington Post editorial board, which I have written Biden's voice-over preemptive withdrawal speech. Where have they been these past three years? (Related article: Luke: Party that claims to protect democracy wants to rig elections)

Well, they have been working overtime to silence or delegitimize any independent journalist who dares to say what they are saying now. Just two weeks ago, Biden was the only “cheap fake” video put out by the dishonest right wing media. appear He looks old and frail, and now, for the sake of our Democracy™, he must step down.

The wrong question is, “Why did they make mistakes so consistently for so long?” The right question is, “Why do these 'mistakes' always happen the same way?”

The answer lies in the same reasons that independent journalism, through no fault of its own, has become effectively just another conservative media: corporate journalists operate on their own ideology and interests; they are all drawn from the same few journalism schools and nurtured by a similar worldview propagated by a left-wing understanding of the role of the media; and, more importantly, their professional ambitions and interests dictate their subservience to a perpetual liberal establishment: they toe the party line, defend their benefactors, attack their enemies, and enjoy life as glorified Washington insiders. (RELATED: Biden tells Democratic governors that everything's fine except for 'your brain')

Once they begin to delegitimize all those who don't follow the party, all remaining independent voices are shoved into the “conservative media” box, a convenient demonization for the administration. This then becomes self-reinforcing: simple facts that concern all Americans, like vital medical information or the president's incompetence, are suppressed by the corporate liberal press and become “right-wing stories” for the general public that are too toxic for smaller media or aspiring journalists to touch. As this is repeated over and over, the camps become wider and more irreconcilable.

So, in some ways, this is a victory march for the conservative media. Once again, we have been proven right and our enemies have been exposed as liars. But it is we. It's about the American people.

The average independent conservative media consumer knows far more about the world than the typical corporate media consumer. With apologies to the Times subscribers reclining in Eames lounge chairs in TriBeCa, MAGA grandma truck drivers have a more sophisticated knowledge of current events. With the media's brazen and belated admission of Biden's condition, we can hopefully begin to wake up to this and begin to repair the polarization that has been caused.

These self-proclaimed arbiters of truth only sell the exact opposite of what they promise. Meanwhile, if you want hard-hitting news before anyone else, tune into the Daily Caller, a trusted, independent journalist.

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